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State Representative David Whitaker is serving his second term in the Arkansas House of Representatives, representing parts of Fayetteville and Prairie Grove, as well as all of Farmington. A veteran of the United States Air Force, David is the former Assistant City Attorney for the City of Fayetteville and a former instructor at Northwest Arkansas Community College.

Elected in 2012, David had a 100% success rate in the 2013 session, passing all eight bills he introduced. He has sponsored legislation that strengthened laws against drunk driving and cracked down on predatory towing. Working with Fayetteville and Farmington city leaders, he has advised economic developers on how to invest thousands of general improvement dollars into our region.

Since being elected, he has helped city and nonprofit leaders make improvements to the Farmington Fire Department, Farmington Library, Farmington Senior Center, the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville Public Schools, the Yvonne Richardson Community Center, and the Fayetteville National Cemetery, among many organizations.

In the legislature, David serves on the Agriculture, Forestry, and Economic Development Committee, the Judiciary Committee, the Joint Performance Review Committee, and the Arkansas Legislative Council – Review Committee. He is Vice Chair of the Agriculture, Forestry, and Natural Resources Subcommittee and the Public School Desegregation Lawsuit Resolution Task Force. He has previously served on the Public Transportation Committee and the City, County, and Local Affairs Committee, as well as numerous subcommittee and alternate positions.

David has been married to his wife, Lisa, since 1997. Lisa is a Clinical Pharmacist at Washington Regional Medical Center. They have two daughters, Melissa and Olivia. David and Lisa are both graduates of the University of Arkansas and proud supporters of their alma mater.


When I first ran for the Arkansas House, I pledged to be an advocate for good schools, good jobs, and good government. In my first four years as your State Representative, I have fought for these goals and more. I have worked with Republicans and Democrats to pass laws that made our communities safer, our economy stronger, and health care more accessible for residents of District 85.

I promise to continue fighting for affordable healthcare for all citizens of Arkansas. We must continue to make Arkansas Works one of the most innovative programs in the country and deliver insurance options for hard-working families across our state. I will stand up for the more than 260,000 Arkansans who have gained health care since passage of the Affordable Care Act and ensure that we don’t return to the days of being kicked off your insurance or going bankrupt just for getting sick.

I will also fight for paid family leave in 2017. I believe that a mother or father should not go broke simply because they have a child or must care for a sick family member. This should be one of our top priorities, as we continue to fight for pay equity – in the greatest country in the world, women should be paid the same as men when they do the same work. I also believe we must make voter registration universal to make the ballot box accessible for all Arkansans. We should be taking steps to involve everyone in voting – not denying any of our citizens the right to vote.

I also believe fundamentally in the transformative power of education. We have to make learning a lifelong investment, and we can start by expanding access to pre-K programs in Arkansas and help eliminate waiting lists by increasing funding. We also need to make investments in broadband accessibility and technical and vocational training that empowers Arkansans to achieve their goals and contribute to our economy. We work best when we are making sure all Arkansans have access to education, healthcare, and good paying jobs – and that’s what I’ll continue to fight for as your representative.

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